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Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Hmm, is this a cult?

Nope! But fair question. There is no tight control, and no central leader. The aim is not to expect any members to strictly adhere to standards. In essence, we want to create compelling reasons to meet: interesting people, good environments, fun experiences, infrastructure. In the future, we hope to develop this to more sophisticated infrastructure (real estate, funding vehicles) and other forms of collaborative vehicles.

💸 What does it cost?

As of now, it’s free to join Catalyst. However, that won’t be permanent. We are looking to expand operations and offer benefits to members once we feel that we have it ‘Community Fit’. That means consistency in the events we host, positive feedback, and confidence as an operating team that this is a sustainable effort. We will offer membership packages that are fairly priced. Think discounts on retreats, free access to side events (as we are a collective of founders, we will seek collaboration with VC’s and other investors as part of our criteria of future viability).