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Catalyst is a community of founders, builders, hackers & scientists

Previous events

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Reading evenings
Catalyst & Zoku / Hyatt

We host frequent reading evenings for founders, builders and other fitting members. We host them in London and Amsterdam. You can subscribe to new events here

Hackers & founders

This retreat was designed to provide a n intimate space for everyone to organically connect, share ideas, and create lasting relationships. It was the largest event so far with over 30 people in total. 

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View of the villa in Croatia during Catalyst Retreat from the garden
Image of the set table right before the F*ck up dinner in Eritage gallery in Lisbon
Catalyst & Atlas Collective

Catalyst and Atlas Collective organized a private dinner in Lisbon. We designed the guest list with intention, bringing together a diverse set of backgrounds, talents, and interests.

Why? Because environment trumps effort.

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