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What is Catalyst

Taking inspiration from the Network State and modern communities, Catalyst is organizing a 'startup community': a small starting community focused on aligned values between its members.

As of now, we're hosting several retreats a year to tie together tight knit groups of builders and scientists that take decisive action, educate themselves deeply, and want to grow global consciousness and prosperity.

Practically, we're working on a hub in Amsterdam, organizing dinners and much more. We aim to grow gradually over the next 5-10 years, to transition into owning physical property.

Vision - Communities of acceleration

Catalyst as a community aims to improve life by creating a flexibly organized but strongly aligned collective. We bring together serious change makers, thinkers and builders to connect, grow and create. The aim is to contribute to each other's lives, but also humanity as a whole, in small and big - but always tangible - ways.

We believe in acceleration as a driving force for progress, but we also know the importance of community foster it and align it with prosperous outcomes. Our vision is to create vibrant, integrated communities that balance rapid innovation with strong personal connections. By focusing on psychological growth, health, longevity, and knowledge, we aim to build a future where fast-paced progress and deep fulfilment coexist.

What's the deal with 'acceleration'?

With the recent gain in popularity of movements like e/acc, many of us are prompted to ask whether 'acceleration at all cost' is the right approach. At Catalyst, we believe in the transformative power of acceleration with caveats. Our world is changing for the better with major advancements in AI, interplanetary travel, and human longevity. We’re all committed to driving this progress while ensuring it still enhances everyday life. As a 10 year goal, we aim to grow a medium sized (i.e. ~200 core people), powerful, and tight-knit community that aids in either direct technological / scientific progress, or works on increasing stability within society.

We expect to represent somewhat transhumanist-leaning ideas and visions, and see incredible potential for improving how we live, think, work, and connect. Our vision is to create communities where cutting-edge innovation meets meaningful human connections, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive together. We aim to do this by establishing physical outposts as micro-societies in the coming two decades.

Integrated, nuanced acceleration

We do take a slightly preservation based stance, and assess that acceleration has so far actually failed to deliver an integrated improvement to the holistic definition of what constitutes 'modern life'. For example, cities offer a fragmented but huge spectrum of optionality, and so does the internet. But in their own way, they do not provide the integrated whole that balances a few priorities many of us have:

For those that seek these things in their future more than anything else, the friction is too high. It's a true jungle and maze, while it is becoming obvious that solutions for these aims are present and in abundance. They still require strong community and infrastructure to be enjoyed and enabled optimally.

So: The first step is to build the group. The people.

The second is to build the system.

The mission

We'd love for Catalyst to grow into your 'village. A (possibly distributed) online and physical space where you feel at home and highly supported/stimulated. A collective of individuals that prioritizes human flourishing, experimentation, deep reflection, decisive action, self development. A group of people that challenges you to think and dream big, because you know the community has your back.

We want you to meet the people you start your new venture with, but also those you might ask to watch your dog (or even children). Providing an enduring sense of friendship, community and home all across the world, without sacrificing on values of individuality and autonomy.

The Catalyst Team

Founder & Host

Zowie langdon

Founding member & host


Navé Segal

Founding member

Abel Tedros

Abel Tedros

Partner / advisor


Stan Schalij

Founding member / advisor

Would I fit in?

You'd probably love becoming a part of Catalyst if you are:

Interested? Reach out to us, and we'll get in touch. We generally focus on referrals and purely organic growth, so if you can mention someone in the community that knows you well, that helps!