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The Mission

Catalyst Retreats is a yearly/bi-yearly retreat for founders, engineers and scientists who are looking to connect, collaborate and rejuvenate.


The mission is to provide a space where like-minded individuals can come together to share ideas, build relationships, and leave feeling stimulated to take their life to the next level.

The story

Hi! I'm Zowie. A founder and CTO for over a decade. 

Over the years, I've gotten the chance to meet many impressive and smart people over the world. I've always struggled to get everyone together in one location, while I think there's so much to gain from doing so..

That's why I set up Catalyst Retreats with the goal of creating a unique and catalytic retreat experience for my global network builders, hackers and scientists, hoping to grow it into an active community.

Drone view of the area around the Croatia Retreat villa
The current organizer of the Catalyst Community

The philosphy

I believe that growth happens when people connect with experts, gain practical experience through struggle and are in pursuit of what fascinates them, especially if they have a community that stimulates and supports them.


That’s why I've focused on creating an experience designed to engage with achieved people in many different domains. 


The Catalyst Retreats are an opportunity to learn, grow, and build new skills while connecting with people who are doing special things.

Every host has a different philosophy. Our retreats consist of a group of people within a second/third range network, which makes the dynamic organic and rather effortless. This is a key aspect of these retreats; organic over heavily curated. Growing connections gradually rather than arbitrary matching.

My aim is to make sure I know and understand everyone that joins, and give the option to invite a +1 where applicable.

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