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Beautiful view of islands in Croatia during a Catalyst retreat

Founders, fun and friendship

Catalyst is a retreat for builders, hackers & scientists

Succeeding in today’s world often means being glued to endless Slack chats and video calls 24/7.


While we’re always in touch digitally, forming new and meaningful relationships that shape our futures take a back seat. Google Meet just lacks the spontaneity that drives real progress.

This sparked the idea for Catalyst Retreats.


Taking inspiration from the Network State and modern communities, we are organizing ourselves to create new frontiers.

We are hosting several retreats a year to tie together a community of builders and scientists that take decisive action, educate themselves deeply, and want to grow global consciousness and prosperity.

We get together in beautiful developing areas of the world, picking locations with nature, amidst growing economies and evolving cultures. 

In the future, we aim to expand to fixed outposts worldwide to host our community through small villages. Read more..

Why? Because environment trumps effort.

Previous events

Hackers & founders

This retreat was designed to provide a n intimate space for everyone to organically connect, share ideas, and create lasting relationships. It was the largest event so far with over 30 people in total. 

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View of the villa in Croatia during Catalyst Retreat from the garden
Image of the set table right before the F*ck up dinner in Eritage gallery in Lisbon
F*ck up dinner
Catalyst & Atlas Collective

Catalyst and Atlas Collective organized a private dinner in Lisbon. We designed the guest list with intention, bringing together a diverse set of backgrounds, talents, and interests.

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