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Retreat #1 - Croatia

Person in nature
Beautiful view of sea and an island


As with all first times, this started as one big experiment. 

We set out to host a one-month retreat in a beautiful environment together with smart, fun and ambitious people. The goal? Create an environment to enjoy good company, serendipitous conversation, have fun, inspire and challenge each other, and be able to stretch deep conversations over several days.

The group was curated for inspiring people that build businesses of many shapes and sizes, that ponder deep questions and actively chase unique passions.


We created an environment for productive days, good food, solid workouts, sauna sessions, hikes or motorcycle trips in the area, and much more.

The location

Around a 30 minute drive away from Split airport, in a pittoresk town right at the beautiful cost, we found the ideal balance between quiet, nature, productivity and adventure.


As one of the goals is to minimize impact on productivity, we stuck to group dinners at restaurants or when a few of us initiated it, a collectively organized meal. 

As ways to spark conversation we hosted debates, trivia, rounds of questions and weekend trips like boat trips, history tours, wake boarding, motorcycle driving and natural parks.


Every host has a different philosophy. This retreat consisted of a group of people within a second/third range network, which made the group dynamic rather effortless. This is a key aspect of these retreats; organic over heavily curated. Growing connections gradually rather than arbitrary matching.

My aim is to make sure I know and understand everyone that joins, and give the option to invite a +1 where applicable.


Every Catalyst Retreat is intended to be an experience that keeps on giving, long into the future. Read more about Catalyst here.

The moments

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